Weekly News and Rehearsal Schedule:

Summer Term 2019

  • 1 May – First rehearsal, usual time & place
  • 29 May – Half Term, no rehearsal
  • 26 June – last Weds rehearsal
  • 28 June – Friday rehearsal, with accompaniment (Colin Druce)
  • 29 June – Concert, at All Saints Church, Leamington Spa
    • 10:30am Stage crew and lighting set-up
    • 1:00pm Front of house 
    • 2:00pm (TBC) Dress rehearsal, with soloist & accompaniment
    • 7:30pm Concert

Spring Quiz : Pat Kuenzler was the lucky winner of the giant chocolate Easter bunny. Thank you to everyone who took part in the quiz and if you enjoyed that one, look out for another one later in the year.  The answers are shown below (in case you are still working on it !?

Help the helper Aid Aide
Huge fireplace Great Grate
Cure the back of the foot Heal Heel
Directed by Pb Lead Led
Hot or cold Chilli Chilly
Get together beef, lamb, pork Meet Meat
Pull along, the end of the foot Tow Toe
My uncle’s wife’s an insect Aunt Ant
Squeeze this golden band Wring Ring
Ice cream treat on the 7th day Sundae Sunday
Naked teddy Bare Bear  
To caution! it’s threadbare Warn Worn
Fish who sorts out the piano Tuner Tuna
Precipitation on the throne Rain Reign
She inspires the cat’s calls Muse Mews
Dug underground for the brain Mined Mind
Beer for the sick Ale Ail
Big gun in the church Cannon Canon
Change colour and perish Dye Die
Male child kept afloat Boy Buoy
“(‚ played by a drummer Symbols Cymbals
Harmonic rope Chord Cord
Denims determine biological traits Jeans Genes
Young person collecting coal Minor Miner
Understands the snout Knows Nose
Footwear, go away! Shoe Shoo
Extra heathland More Moor
Person who foretells making a gain Prophet Profit
Rotate this sea bird Turn Tern
Bright daylight male offspring Sun Son
End of the story Tail Tale
Dried grape of our time Currant Current
Arrogant bloody vessel! Vain Vein
Look hard at the step Stare Stair
Strike cover Rap Wrap
Singularly victorious One Won
Sir darkness Knight Night
I listened to the mass of cows Heard Herd
Immobile pen and paper Stationary Stationery
Constructed by Marion Made Maid
Similar to a moss Liken Lichen
Either a paddle Or Oar
Look at all this water! See Sea
English flower neatly lined up Rose Rows
Bother that blocked river Dam Damn
Elected members advise Council Counsel
Sheltered waterway squeaks Creek Creak
Strong shellfish Muscle Mussel
Line up, used for playing snooker Queue Cue
Fake enemy Faux Foe