Link to Will Todd ‘Mass in Blue’ Album on Spotify

Hi Everyone –

Another really positive rehearsal tonight, but as Colin says, we will need to put the hours in at home too!

This is a great recording by the Vasari Singers, available on a free music streaming site called Spotify.  Click the link below to access it.

Will Todd – ‘In the Mood’

You will need to register for a free account, like you would for Amazon etc., but this is very quick and simple.

Happy singing!

P.s. if you don’t want to hear the adverts then you will need to pay a small membership fee – I can highly recommend investing in Spotify – I’ve been a paid up member for the last 4 years and for less than the price of one CD per month you are able to legally access a huge amount of music on line.


One of the RLSBC basses has just pointed out that these extremely helpful midi files are also available.

Very useful voice part recordings (like cyberbass) just click here:


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