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The Zoom Carol

The Zoom Carol

Wednesday 6th January 2021

How four socially distanced choirs managed to create one unique performance!

Members of the Bach Choir came together ‘virtually’ over Christmas, with colleagues from the Wellingborough Singers, the Northampton Bach Choir and the Huntingdon Philharmonic, to create the wonderfully topical Zoom Carol. With music arranged by Malcom Sargent, and words by Gesa Beales, chairman of the Wellingborough Singers, the carol celebrates the joys and sorrows of a Christmas like no other we have ever known.

Each contributor to this video recorded themselves individually, then the results were edited together by a professional recording engineer. The end product is an amazingly seamless performance, which you can watch and listen to here:

Click Here

A big ‘thank you’ to Lee Dunleavy, our Director of Music, for master-minding, rehearsing and co-ordinating this joint effort, to Jessica Kinney for three days of hard work on the editing, and to Gesa Beales for her very apposite lyrics.

Happy New Year, everyone, and keep singing!

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A big “thank you” to the Town Council

A big “thank you” to the Town Council

Sunday 1st November 2020

We are delighted to announce that our choir has been awarded a community grant of £2,000 towards the costs of having our website professionally redesigned and redeveloped.

The Cultural and Community Committee of Royal Leamington Spa Town Council makes a number of grants each year towards projects which it considers are of benefit to the local community. As well as looking for projects which “support arts and cultural opportunities”, the Committee is also keen to support initiatives which “promote health and wellbeing”, “promote community spirit and cohesion” and “address social isolation and loneliness”. We all know that singing is good for your health and wellbeing, and in the dark days of the pandemic, we can also testify to the role of our ‘virtual’ rehearsals in helping members of the choir to feel less lonely and isolated.

So we are very grateful to the Town Council for awarding us this grant, and also very grateful to our Chair, Melanie Forse, for writing what was clearly a very eloquent and persuasive application! It is particularly important at the moment, with the prospect of another lockdown looming, for the choir to exploit all possible ways of making our members feel that they ‘belong’, and of sharing news and information with one another. The website is in effect our community space, during these strange times when we cannot meet in person. Soon, we hope, we will be able to start advertising our concerts and workshops again, and looking for new singers to join our ranks, and then the website will have another vital role to play, in bringing us to the attention of a wider audience and generating support for our activities.

Thanks to the generosity of the Town Council, we were fortunate in being able to engage a professional web designer to redevelop our site for us. We already had an excellent working relationship with Ed Holding of Creative Differences (Click Here), who designs our concert programmes, flyers and posters. When we discovered that Ed also designs websites, he was the obvious person for the job - although we did follow due process and invite tenders from other companies as well. The new site has been very well received, with many people commenting on its clarity and ease of use, and the eye-catching and pleasing design. It is also very important to us that the new site is technically reliable and easy to update. So a big “thank you” also to Ed for his hard work and design skills, and for being such a pleasure to work with!

The award of this grant from the Town Council has reinforced our sense of belonging to the local community in and around Royal Leamington Spa , and we hope it will not be long before we are to able to give something back to the community, by inviting you to enjoy our music again in person!

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